Monday, June 28, 2010

How I like to organize coupons

A little over a year ago I really embraced using coupons and have been able to significantly cut my costs at the grocery store. I have read all kinds of ideas and tried many different ways to organize these little bits of paper money and I finally found what works for me.

When I get the ads (my mom gives me hers - thanks!) I write the date on the front. In Sharpie - I have a slight obsession with Sharipes. I glance through the ads and cut out any coupons I know I will use regardless of the sales. I place these with my shopping list.

I have a plastic file crate that I have filled with 13 hanging folders. Each month has its own folder and then I have an extra for home mailers and restaurant coupons. In each hanging folder I place 3 manila folders for the 3 major ads I get each week. I file them by date. As I file, I recycle the ones from the previous year.

Then, I check Hot Coupon World for the weekly ad match ups and can easily go right the date and coupon. It only took me about 15 minutes to set this system up and it makes it so much easier than keeping up with cut coupons. Plus, I have tried new products that are close to free because I keep all the coupons.

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