Friday, June 11, 2010

My Purse: Then and Now

As I was riffling through my purse yesterday I thought about how I have always carried a really messy purse. What has changed is what I keep in my purse. When I was in high school and early college I carried a different mess of stuff than what I carry these days.

  • Gum - spearmint not peppermint and lots of it!
  • My 'trusty' credit card
  • My beeper
  • Change for the pay phone - do they have pay phones now? (if they do - how much do they cost??)
  • Lots of readmits for when I 'missed' a class
  • Movie tickets and notes from friends

  • Never gum - I out grew gum - eww!
  • Cash
  • My old school cell phone (for now - I have a fancy one on the way)
  • Medicine for most illnesses
  • Paper and a pen - I can entertain myself for a good hour making lists
  • Old lists, snacks, bank envelopes, coupons and other clear signs that I am nearing 30!

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